Adult Agony Aunt

Every month I will be answering your questions or problems as I’ve been contacted a lot recently for my advice.

Please contact me if you’d like to get my advice, totally anonymously.

Here’s the first one…

Q: For the past year i’ve been visiting a lady for piano lessons, but what actually happens is we just have sex. I honestly don’t know how it all started, but…

I now pay her £20 every other Thursday for sex in her music room. After the hour is over I put on my clothes and leave. I am a married man and I feel equally thrilled and guilty about this. Moments after leaving her house I feel terrible, but then I can’t wait to go there again. Whats’s going on?

A: Clearly the sexual experience you experience with your piano teacher is different to anything else you experience at home. Is your wife not pleasuring you at home? Do you still find your wife attractive? Maybe come to my members only area and you may not need to see your piano teacher anymore! 🙂 Have you ever thought about getting into photography?

Q: Hi Sophie,
Just wondering if you could give me some advice on what is the best way of keeping my intimate area clean and tidy.
In the past I have tried shaving,but I’m  always affaird of cutting myself and I don’t find it easy to get in the right position. I have also tried several different hair removal creams but these tend to make the area quite sore, with the resemblance of a Baboons bottom.
Any possible help would be appreciated.
Thanks babe.

A: Hi babe, now lets see if I can help you with some advice on your hair problem. I’d recommend going to a salon that does intimate waxing or a lesser procedure of intimate shaving. Let the beautician run her hands through the hair gently caressing and removing the hair with a shaver.. Now, if you’re a naughty boy she will slide her finger into your little virgin hole whilst shaving you around your hole. Now you’ve got to control yourself as shes playing with your hole whilst shaving… After she has shaved you and you still want more, it’s time for the wax to come out. The feeling you will get will be pain and ecstacy and I’m sure if there’s a tear in your eye she will make you forget about the pain with a nice little happy ending for you.

Hope this helps babe xxx